Introducing Blockchain4Cities

The blockchain revolution applied to urban governance

The blockchain removes intermediaries through a trust-less architecture. Bitcoin was the first use case. Send and receive money.

A few years later came Ethereum, which took Bitcoin’s core, the blockchain, to create a global computing platform.

Shortly after came Aragon, bringing disintermediation to one of the most basic human needs: transactions. Their solution: a platform to create and operate organizations free of intermediation.

Governments own the monopoly of governance (aka the organization of transactions), and we believe this is extremely relevant in regard to our cities.

Tackling humankind’s biggest problems also includes tackling the challenges of our cities. As well as Aragon, we believe efficiency will rapidly become more important than the dictates of power in the organization of social institutions.

It’s a common opinion that cities need new governance models, and open source alongside the blockchain could be cornerstones to achieve sustainable, competitive and cohesive communities. Innovations across fields have already changed started to change some aspects of governance and socio-economic models.

And that’s why we decided to start Blockchain4Cities.

At Blockchain4Cities, our mission is to investigate the use of blockchain in the urban governance and development of smart cities.

Our thesis is that cities based on the blockchain will be more competitive, sustainable, and inclusive than their counterparties. Embracing the blockchain, we envision cities under a new form of governance that will better integrate citizen needs, boost the collaborative economy, and make more difficult both corruption and fraud.

We will be releasing our initial research proposals in the following days. If you want to join and participate in the journey, please come chat with us at our Telegram group.

Above all, we want to emphasize a spirit of sharing, openness, neutrality and cooperation, all at the heart of our initiative as we are committed to build a rich, active community working on the pivotal issue of developing better knowledge around Blockchain4cities.

Thank you all!

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